April 24, 2020

your judgement

will have 

to wait

you may 

pay yet

for your
numerous crimes

there is no

way to tell

if your
unhealthy tolerance 

will get

you killed


January 28, 2020

pain is first,

thing in the morning

it demands 

our attention

it swallows 

us in 

beauty is a glint,

in the eye 

it requires  

waiting, watching

it needs 

the light

October 19, 2019

don’t disappear completely

don’t vanish before my eyes


don’t go

with strangers


don’t escape

without me

i’m not here
this isn’t happening

September 12, 2019

what's his story?

i wonder

is he living the life aquatic?

or stuck standing still 

does he question the nature of his reality?
or does he accept his lot 

does he have secrets hidden away?

or is it all right there on his face

does he have false memories?

or is he as real as me

May 10, 2019

gray mist

yellow light

orange path

green salsa

damp, still air

the set of a staged production

as it is about to begin,

but i can feel the ending

it’s the day of leaving

and it’s slipping by,

but i blink and
entertain a fantasy

we might freeze time
by slipping into the village

painted on the truck,

taking sanctuary in the adobe church

if i could only hold the moment

in my hand,

but it is already spilling

through my fingers

yet we still have this
you sitting across from me

your hand in mine,

in the present tense

April 17, 2019

house silent

funeral sheet pulled tight

under water, and

wiped away

in dining room light spray

just outside of nowhere

there's nothing at all,

nothing at all

February 22, 2019

fear and hope,

give each its due

they are natural partners

on opposite sides of the blade

waiting, watching

prompted by strangers

promoted by voices,

embrace them both

December 1, 2018

everything must have an explanation

or, at least, we must create one

from the mix in the front of the mind

matching effects to causes is pleasing
it helps maintain the illusion that there is an order at work

even when we know there isn’t

April 19, 2018

in the fall,

the leaves on some trees

turn before the leaves

on some others.

sometimes, this is true

even for trees

that are right

next to each other.

although they may

look the same all summer long,

apparently, they were different,

all along.

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