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By Dale Harper


Hybrid fello--Light and below

Cease all the sights--Inside mellow

Has no resistance--to what goes in

Accept the darkness pass through his skin


Waits for the yellow fibers to begin

Earth lord eyes know where you’ve been

Inside the walls He met his old friend

He’ll be his friend right up till the end


All sides are inviting him

To the one side he’s going

The illusions deluded

And sours the game, but


Heavens on Earth

The body, the brain

Can unite with the spirit

That remains in that plane


Where there is never confusion

It’s one in the same

It’s not the solution

It is of what we are made


Love’s ever after, and before

As I wait patie And this day

We’re made off the stuff

That shows us the way


To come back to you

When you give it away

This is the place of mysterious union

The errotic Universe


And drop dead beauty

Where you began

Blood-budding Reunion

Light and below


Won’t be anything

But what we are

Hybrid matter unioned into a

Carbonic life made so


The spiritual mystery can walk

And wonder why It’s beauty

Is here

Here the mystery lies


Shooting cryptic curiosity

To the Expansive one

Thought bottle goes

As I wait patiently


With no expectation

As to what Entity delivers

My glassy-eyed message

To an open-ended Receiver


Pure vibration’ highly

Specialized by a positive resonanced


Additions freely administered

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