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Dale Harper is an artist in numerous forms and currently lives in Lancaster, Pennsylvania.  

He is an enduring source of inspiration.  

These page contains a selection of his work.                               Most of what follows is true.

Ocean City Girls

by Dale Harper


A blue sun filled sky

Sandy white beach

A black starry night

Smokey bonfire beach


A crowd in the shadows

The flicker of skin

Wine filled red jug

Passing their lips


The wee morning hours

The quenching of hips

At dawn passing out

Dreaming faces still living


Wake in a blur

You get what you need

To go on with the girl

At least till Sunday


Then she leaves your world

I just love the beach

Wet sand and the surf

Wonder who she’ll Monday


Is Tuesday for sure?

Will it rain on Wednesday

Will lover girl get board

Thursday the sun poured


All over her face

And kissed her brown tummy

And it was amazing

Outside of our house


We have a shower

She was two-toned

Like a golden white flower

Let’s take a nap


Just give me an hour

Compression of time

World wind devour

A day is a month


Minutes like hours

Life in a week

Couse Sundays fairwell

Next day I’m free

To say what the hell.


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